Friday, September 29, 2006

"Some people call it torture –

but its what we call home."

I wonder if The Animals were ever accused of “breddin’ ghetto”. Probably, just not in those words I guess. This has been one of my favourite songs for more years than I can remember, since I was in short pants at any rate.

The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun

Apart from ‘Boyz in the Hood’ & ‘Dopeman’ this is one of the finest Dre produkkies. Ever. The 16th note synth sound, the vocal stabs & the talkovers effortlessly inspire the dread of the title, but Dre cant help but funk it up with some slap bass. There’s a few bars at about 2min39secs where the bassline goes double time and Dre layers in some ‘choir’ keyboard sounds, when I was a kid this was the dogs bollox.

N.W.A ft. the Arabian Prince – Panic Zone

I love the sound of these tunes. You can hear Dre re-tuning the L.A “techno-hop” format into what would become the sound of ‘Straight Outta Compton’, almost in realtime.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Superhero? That what you wanna be?

... thats real dumb mannn"

Bo Hagon - Wuz Up

ft. Lil Jon (on the buttons I assume) and Princess & Diamond from Crime Mob. Chk the Princess / Diamond bits, especially when they switch & the beat drops out, makes me weak at the knees everytime. Really tho, after about 3 minutes the song goes off the deep end. 'I'm starting to seeee spaceships on Bankhead'. Its fucking sik.

Bohagon has a mixtape, with DJ Smallz called 'Who Am I I'm Bohagon'

More fucking sickness. Selector dub u throws down just that. Mixing all kinds of gutter funk & du(e)b(ris)step into his subFM shows. Dropping Young Dro in between Loefah bits is bang on.

The drums in 'Shoulder Lean' have become my preset pattern, they are like some distant, foriegn relative of dubstep. I'll admit that I am a total 808-a-phile tho, if its got 808 I'll listen to it. I bought the DJ Battery Brains 12" with the '808 volts beatcapella' onit forfuckssake. But like Hank Shoklee said to Eric ' Vietnam' Sadler - "This is your fuckin' God, this is in every fuckin' record."

This tune is off the Gansta Grillz mixtape 'Day One'. If you like pirate radio style 'chatting shit over tunes' you'll like Drama s 'tapes, so its safe to say I'm a fan.

Young Dro - Presidential


I was only half taking the piss when I said it was all about bassline & funky.

Fish Go Deep - The Cure And The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Mix)

This tune is BIG, well, this mix of this tune anyway. Don't watch the first 40-45secs. tho, fucking house music. The Defected double pack this is off is quite shite, well produced & shiny shite, but shite.

Funky House is weird, I see it in the club listings here in Adelaide. Usually with 'live sax & percussion by BoBo' or some other nonsense.

I like the idea of bassline grime tho.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

99 problems, don't become the 100th one

New Dumpvalve 12" Danny Weed - 'Kick Off'. Dunno if thats what the A side is called (I've heard it called a few things on Rinse) it's a massive tune, feels like Dannys answer to 'Dark Boy' but the choir sound smacks it.

And Guns n Roses 2 could be out any day now !!!

'Cuckoo' is one of the first Ruff Sqwad tunes I bought on 12" I love those talk-over bits. 'Joe from Blackwall' is a legend & the Rapid bit is destructive, the way he says 'boofff'.

The whole vocal arrangement is next level still. This is what makes Ruff Sqwad so good in a recording studio as well as on radio. The vocal arrangements are also what makes alot of the tunes on Tunnel Vision 1&2 some of Wileys best 'studio-bars'.

Bossman plays the instrumental of a Currency track called 'Where da Cash At' with a Snipe Keedo, Blacks & Lil' D vocal on his show from the 20th of Sept. @ 20mins24secs & I realize I aint heard nearly enough of Bossman lately, can't wait for daylight savings when I can lock Rinse first thing in the morning.

"Hold tight the massif chasing cassssh, hold tight the girls"

The Boss plays a bad Katie Pearl tune as well. 'Its a Business' built by DaVinche and Snipe Keedo. Dubsteppas please note. Bass burps & female vocals are BIG!!!

"I don't, I don't do, like, 5 missed calls on my show, like, the phoneline has to pop off diffrentlly"


I dunno why people shit on Rick Ross, is it because he's shit? Since when has that been a problem?

It could be because of the amount of skunk I smoke, but this stuff makes perfect sense to me, and its the only thing I can rock in the car and stay under the speed limit. Grime's no good for that, you end up doin 85 at 7.30AM, one hand on the wheel & spitting at yr fellow motorists. Like hardcore but worse somehow. Play Dubstep and you fall asleep behind the wheel. You need vocals when you drive, something to remind you that what you are doing is dangerous.


U.S.D.A was what Jeezy wanted to call his clothing label. United Street & Dopeboys. I can't think why The United States Department of Agriculture had a problem with it. 8732 is "you know back in the day, you know had those little pagers? We would page people numbers for letters. 8732 is U.S.D.A."

USDA (Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Blood Raw) ft. Bun B - Gangsta Shit street edit

808, organ/brass, sampled/chopped/slowed down vocals & Jeezy "yellin' over tracks like a muthafuckin DJ". This tune and 'Burnin' Up' in the last post come from the CTE website.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More Money Than George Bush