Saturday, January 28, 2006

TOO MUCH GRIME ... / digitalpausetapemix002



When is too much Grime enuff ... ? Fucking Never thats when. If proof was needed (?) that London is a hotbed of sonic innovation right now, then this will surely silence the haters ... 100 UNMIXED Grime Instrumentals ...

All bad boy producers on this one ... Skreamz, N-Type, F1, Plasticman, J Sweet, Iron Soul, Terror Danjah, IMP Batch etc. etc.

One I hadn't come across is Krome Star, this shit is right where I'm at ... like U.R vs. Dr. Dre. I got my eyes peeled for some vinyl by this guy(s) ... heavy sounds.

I recently got 2 new EPs by Iron Soul, 1 on Sweetbeats / Marxmen, the other on Southside. Both are Class A bombers !!! esp. the first cut on the "Heavens Reject" EP... twisted vocal samples and dark bass riddims ...

To listen to what I'm on about chk this digitalpausetapemix I've cut in Samplitude ... 64kbps, live reverb & FL5 robot voice'd over the top ... with some added digital debris ... MEGAMIX STYLEE

F1 - Luck Of The Draw
Krome Star - 80 Hurtz
Iron Soul - House Of Shots
Floops - Melody
Krome Star - Madkite
Krome Star - Theif
Mr.Keas - Cut
N-Type - Kerb RMX
Iron Soul - Statik Violin
Cru - Construction
Iron Soul - Married To The Streets
Cru - Repeat
Iron Soul - Shiftee
F1 - Silent Hill
F1 - Dot
Krome Star - Bad Breth

Thursday, January 05, 2006

... summint I said ?

aaaiiiggghhhttt ... hosted audio. episode one. old ghosts to rest ...

... old skool (?) breakcore bizzo by Seh'Jep Bates. Found Sound, sync-modular bass & dirty, dirty breaks ... made in ModPlugTracker, for better or worse.

-removed from server 18.2.2006-

Patchlooporgan is based around a sine wave created by feeding a patch point into itself via ADC-DAC, the resultant tone was sampled, then layered & detuned to create the organ sound ... having spent so long on that part Seh'Jep just threw in a fucked funk break and some movie samples. This was prob. the first step towards the mono-phonik aesthetic which would ultimatly unravel Bates ...
-removed from server 17.1.2006-

... and finally. The end-game in the monophonic dérive ... "Warning Shot" a sludgy terror-dome epic (?)

-removed from server 17.1.2006-

... This was one of the last tracks Seh'Jep ever gave me ... I think he felt as though he'd painted himself into a corner by this point ... We havn't really been in close contact the last few years but we've recentlly been trading emails ... he's back in the lab and has some more dubstep & Grime influenced tings on the boil ...