Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick Ones

Some random bits from the stash of CDRs I've got with me.

Both off the same 12" - I think it might be Challis that built em, can't be %100 right now - I doubt the label has anything other than my horrid scrawl onit.

ALPHA - ???

Dont watch the levels - this one is the 2nd cut off the B-Side of that one;

SLIDE - ???

They might be 2 years old now.

The first one 'Alpha' is a great bit of emo-grime (no homo) but 'Slide' is next as fuck. Slap bass, beat box noises & proper cowbell !!! ARE YOU MAD? Fucking big in the mix that one as well. The levels are abit off, but they are off a dodgy white so dont blame me - just crank it in Abelton, or wotever it is the kids do these days.

I have been writing alot (of words) lately, which is what happens when I got no skunk & no studio - so expect some bizzare rant any day now involving Kode 9, Spyro & Bakunin.


Blogger Alex Bok Bok said...

those two are big, especially the one with the cowbell! Damn, not a grime tune at allll to my ears but its going straight into a Live soundbank!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Tony Starks said...

itsa odd 12" huh

2:17 PM  

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