Tuesday, January 16, 2007

" Did that Jump? "

" Like any great counter progressive musical campaign, the grime is dead movement is fueled by classism, racism, and a fear of changing technology.

Being a primarily intra-cultural phenomenon, more than anything else the grime is dead talk can be chalked up to a more natural occurrence.

At 15 years old we are seeing the first generational shift in garage.

The parents of todays children grew up on the same genre that their kids listen to. And as you know, every generation’s music is hated by it’s parents. It’s seen as a destructive force, a bastardization of “real music” and an incitation of drugs use, violence, and dangerous sexual activity.

Basically the fact that grime is still a middle finger to parents, conservatives, and ' real heads ' is the best sign that it’s still livin. The moment the old heads embrace youth music is the same moment it becomes irrelevant and the smooth jazzification begins.

Garage is constantly changing. Do not try to rationalize this. Stop pointing your fingers at the subject matter or the quality of the production. Stop complaining about a lack of balance when grime gets more props than dubstep because of its appeal to the masses. Stop blaming the same corporations that funded D'n'B and Funky House. Stop talking about dwindling sales when artists are making more money off ringtone royalties than anyone ever did off vinyl sales.

Finally, please try and avoid the destructive avenues d'n'b dwindled down by splitting every different track into its own genre destroying the core audience.

If it bothers you so much, don’t let your kids listen to it. You’ll feel like a good parent and they’ll find a way to hear that shit regardless. But don’t demonize the incumbent generation for not doing the exact same thing you were doing in 2002 or 1994 or 1989.

Because it turns out they essentially are doing the exact same thing - ignoring their parents standards, getting down to innocuous dance crazes that will be forgotten in a years time and trying to get some girls and money in the process. You know, having fun. Remember that? "

.. . ..

The next one is another clip from Mak10 & Spyro on 25th of Dec. last year.

No 'gremlin - giggle' but I reckon the 1st tune is Terror Danjah - dem lil' R2D2 noises & the synths. The 2nd one, Spyro sez is Caos. Chk his myspace & his forthcoming EP - its alot.

Friday, January 12, 2007

" This 1s abit mad -

Its alot, Its Alot "

SPRYO - This Ones abit Mad

Spyrob2bMak10_25-12-06 - Nu Dimensionz???

Its not as if either of these bits are radical departures or anything, and thats not the point. There is clearly a straightline at work here. A yes & a no. A straightline, a goal.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007



Some TapemastersInc. & Weezy F. Baby nastiness;

Lil' Wayne - Money On The Drank

Lil' Wayne - I'm A Rocker

"Fuck with me wrong, I'll fuck with ya home, like a letter to ya wife sayin ya husband is gone"


CHK Spyro b2b Mak 10 on Rinse xmas day >>>

... overly fucked.