Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dopegame @ Thunderclap

I'll be playin at Thunderclap next Saturday. Its mostly a dubstep/Jungle party, but, I will be bangin out Rap/House/Baltimore/Juke/Bassline & Grime straight off the lappy round about 11-12pm, I think.

This a little mix I did at 3am one day last week... it came out ok, pretty indicative of what I will be playing out. I limited the fuck out of it so it'd sound like a chewed up cassette & for some reason theres a wierd little glitch at the start, ableton spazzing out I guess.

Crank Dat - Soulja Boy - Instrumental
Crank Dat Juke - Soulja Boy - Benzi & Rashad Juke remix
Put It In The Air - Kb & Young Joc
My Bubblegum - Rasheeda - Instrumental / Torpedo Riddim
Trippin - DJ Ty (Faggatronix SE5 Edit)
Did Anyone Know - Full Phat (Detboi Checks It Out mix)
The Ignition - The Bulgarian
Calabria 2007
Dusty Kid - The Cat - Crookers Eurocrunk Remix
ArmandVanHelden - I Want Your Soul (Fistfight Crookers Chop)
Haters Everywhere - Wes Fife Ft. B.O.B - Instrumental
Pop Bottles - Birdman & Lil Wayne - Instrumental
Give It To Me - Timbaland - Instrumental
Get It Shawty - DJ Rashad
HeartBroken - T2
Eyes On You - Davinche (Spooky Refix)
K.O. - David Banner
Jukestacy - DJ Rashad

So, if ya like this, and the last mix I posted, come hear it loud!!! $3 Pale Ale from 10pm , Live visuals plus loads of other DJs playin @ a sick venue.


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